Resources for SchoolGuard® 

How to Use Your SchoolGuard® App

Hero911 –

Free app for law enforcement officers to respond to active shooter situations

Guard911 –

Service for property and business owners that links up with the Hero911 app to alert staff in active shooter situations

CampusGuard –

Service for colleges and universities that links up with the Hero911 app to alert staff in active shooter situations –

Killology Research Group

BAM Mindset –

Lt Brian Murphy – Resiliency training for the real world

Tru Armor –

Tru Armor Security and Safety Glass Laminates

5.11 Tactical –

Always Be Ready with 5.11 Tactical

Law Enforcement and Public Safety Gear –


Safe and Sound Foundation –

School Tool Kits

Sheepdog Seminars –

Increasing Safety for Churches and Communities

Silverback –

Safety & Training Solutions

Stop Bullying –

A Government Resource for Bullying Support

National Law Enforcement and Corrections Training Center –

It Can Happen Here

Federal Bureau of Investigation –

Responding to an active shooter crisis situation –

Safe and Sound: A Sandy Hook Initiative

Analysis of School Shootings –

Mayors Against Illegal Guns

Visions of Courage –

The Bobby Smith Story

Illinois Emergency Management Agency –

Preventing School Shootings

Stop The Shootings Organization –

Preventing School Shootings

U.S. Secret Service –

Safe School Initiative Report

Federal Bureau of Investigation –

Resources on School Violence

Connecticut State’s Attorney –

Report on Shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School

International Association of Chiefs of Police –

Prevention and Response to School Violence

Department of Homeland Security –

Active Shooter – How to Respond

Active Shooter Expert Chris Grollnek –

Comprehensive Active Shooter Prevention and Survival Training

National Institute of Justice –

Preventing, Preparing for Critical Incidents in Schools